Wordless Wednesday – Red Winged Blackbird on feeder…


I’ve never seen a red-winged blackbird on a feeder but this one has been coming around for a week now. Do you have red winged blackbirds on your feeders?Feeder with Red Winged Blackbird


    • G L Buzzell says

      I’ve never seen one at the feeder, Liz. In fact, they’ve been pretty elusive even in the swamps and rushes for me. I often hear them but then they are gone before I can photograph them.

  1. Gail Smith says

    Wow, you got some great pic there! love the otters! I have only seen a few here in Maine, saw a family last summer, but it was almost dark, so not the best pic.

    • Gladys says

      Thanks, Gail. Those photo’s were taken at the aquarium on the inside of the building and behind glass. We used to see them at BSP when we ran Kidney Pond Camps.