Dusty Diva’s Dine At Nicatous Lodge…

A group of gals, dubbed the ” Nicatous Lake Dusty Diva’s” rode their ATV’s to Nicatous Lodge last week for lunch. Evidently the paparazzi couldn’t find us out here in the boonies to cover the event , so I will have to do it in my blog. 😉The Diva's out for a ride...The day was clear and sunny as the four of us – Karen, Wendy, Lynn, & me (Gladys) headed for the lodge. This was my first time to visit the 1940’s lodge and as we walked in the door, we were greeted by owner, Theresa Harriman.  Stepping into this rustic lodge is like taking a step back in time.Water view of Nicatous Lodge

Lodge dining room

Gathering room at the lodge

There’s even a piano here

Theresa gave us our choice of sitting in the dining room, on the screened  porch overlooking the lake or out at the picnic tables. We choose the screened porch and Theresa came to take our order.Theresa Harriman at the lodge

Meanu at the lodge

Diva's enjoying lunch at the lodgeThe menu is varied and prices are reasonable.  My chicken salad was served on homemade bread with chips on the side. I forgot to photograph the food but I will do that the next time we go there to eat. Nicatous Lodge - The Harriman'sJeff came over to say “hi” before we left. Jeff and Theresa are gracious hosts and the lodge is a great place to stop for lunch if you are out ATVing or taking a drive in your vehicle. Tell them that Gladys and the other Dusty Diva’s say “hi”.

Jack’s Snack Shack – a place to eat in the woods!

We arrived back at camp about a month ago and while we were opening up camp, we hauled out the ATV’s for a short ride – can’t just work all the time, you know. 😉

We hadn’t gone far before we started see hand-printed signs for Jack’s Snack Shack. Hmmmm! a new place to eat out here in the boonies!

Signpost on the 37-00-0 road intersection

Which way to go??

A new eating place out here in the boonies!

Sign for Jack’s Snack Shack

Mike - Jack's Snack Shack

Mike – owner of Jack’s Snack Shack

Last week we finally got the chance to check out the new guy in town. Turns out that “Jack” is really “Mike” and is not exactly all that new around these parts.  He was the chef at Nicatous Lodge for three years before they changed hands. He and significant other, Jill,  live in a great home right behind the “shack”.

The shack is actually a 5th wheel trailer that Mike has converted to a place to run his business from. It even includes a deep fryer where he makes his delicious hand cut french fries. Below Mike is taking an order from the couple that ATV’ed to the eatery with us.

The home of Jack's Snack Shack

Doesn’t look like a shack!


Lot of selections on the menu.

The food was awesome! We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries at our table but check out this lobster roll that another patron ordered while we were there! Yum, yum!!


Big juicy hamburgers, lots of fries!

Lobster roll

Lobster roll & fries!

Jack’s is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM. If you are coming from Burlington, he is located just after Nicatous Lodge.  If you are coming from the east, he is on mile marker 6. Jump on your ATV or into your vehicle and take a drive out to have lunch or dinner. You will not be sorry.  Tell him that you found him on the moosetique site!

Opening camp…

This weekend we wimped out and didn’t go to camp since it was not slated to be a very good weekend but last weekend the road to our camp finally opened. To get to camp we must travel on almost thirty miles of dirt road. For anyone familiar with our area, we travel the County RD out of Old Town and then the Stud Mill RD to get to our camp. The roads were in excellent condition since no one could travel on them for most of the month of April, when the frost was coming out of the ground. Often time, we traverse over rutted and washed out area’s in the spring.
Click on any photo’s to enlarge …

We look forward to opening camp each year even though it means a lot of work. We didn’t do much playing in the three days that we were there but we got the stuff done that will make us more comfortable during our future stays.

First, we got the water in, both to the shower and to the hand pump in the kitchen. The shower room, which is a separate building, took some heavy duty cleaning. A few squirrels decided to move in during the winter. They also decided that they would be warmer if they dragged in a TON of leaves so you can imagine the mess we found when we opened the door. The water heater fights us each year but after much ado, we were able to light it. Now I was a really happy camper!!! Once that shower is running, life at camp is good. Ok, it is always good but the shower makes it just that much better. :-)

Next, we picked up the larger pieces of branches that had fallen off from the fierce winter winds that blow across the lake. Last year was a banner year for pine cones and we will probably be picking them up for most of the summer.

We keep our dock in the water each winter but we must move it across the cove where it is somewhat sheltered. In the spring, Steve paddles over in the kayak with a bunch of ropes that are tied together. He attaches the rope to it  and I pull it pack into place on our side. Once that is done we usually have to put our boat lift in the water. It is metal and weighs a lot. We fought with it for quite a few years and since we are getting older, we decided to leave it in the water last winter. Low and behold, it made it. It was moved around a bit from the ice but came through in all-in-all good condition. The hard part was talking Steve into putting on a wet suit and getting into the water to turn it so that it was in the proper place beside the dock. He put it off until Monday but once he got in the water, it didn’t take too long at all to get it placed where it needed to be.

Finally, it was time to clean the boat and take it to the water. It is such a good feeling to know that we don’t have to do this each time we arrive at camp.

We sat out on the deck on our last evening and we were able to enjoy this glorious sunset. All our hard work was forgotten!!

Beautiful Nicatous sunset...

Beautiful Nicatous sunset...