Summer / Fall at camp on Nicatous Lake, Maine – 2011…

We spent last summer and fall in Maine – arriving at the end of May and left on the first of November. We spent much of summer building a nice big shed on our extra lot next to our camp so that we would have some extra storage. The shed that we had would not hold our ATV’s and all the other stuff that we needed to store because we sold our home in Maine a few years back.

I like to be the first one in the lake so on May 31st, here I am.

First swim of the year

First Swim – May 31, 2011

We had lots of company, including friends from around the lake and town and a few from “away”.

Miss Kendra

The granddaughter


The Son


The Aunt

Porch needed decking and we were building a HUGE shed, we put everyone to work (except for the granddaughter who was too busy texting 😉  ).


Neighbor helping with porch decking.

Troy & Steve

Father & Son Bonding

Olga & Steve

81 year old Aunt helped too

We still had time to play and watch for moose:

Grammy and Kendra

Grammy and Kendra bonding – this was more fun than work!


Moose On Road

Summer went by quickly and summer turned to fall. I had to take the last swim too – BRRRRR!

Last Swim of season

Water was about as cold as air this day!

Days were getting shorter – and colder…it was time to head south. No more winter for these two snowbirds.

New Shed

Shed was done – at last!

On November 1st, we locked the gate and headed south.

Snow at gate

See that snow…it’s time to go!!