American Tobacco Historic District

American Tobacco Historic District is a historic tobacco factory complex and national historic district located at Durham, Durham County, North Carolina. The district encompasses 14 contributing buildings and 3 contributing structures built by the American Tobacco Company and its predecessors and successors from 1874 to the 1950s. Located in the district is the separately listed Italianate style W. T. Blackwell and Company building (1874-1880, c. 1904). Other notable contributing resources are the Romanesque Revival style Hill Warehouse (1900), Washington Warehouse (1902–07), the Lucky Strike Building (1901–02), and Reed Warehouse; Noell Building (c. 1930); Power Plant and Engine House (1929–39); and the Art Moderne style Fowler (1939) Strickland (1946) and Crowe (1953) buildings.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 as the American Tobacco Company Manufacturing Plant.” (Source: Wikipedia)

I had passed this area before but never had the opportunity to stop. We had arrived in Durham on Sunday for an early Monday appointment and took a short drive after dinner. Mr. B found a spot to park where he could sit and wait for me and off I went. I passed under this sign thinking that I would snap a photo or two and then come back another time when he was able to walk through with me. Well…that was the original plan. :-) Once I was in, I stayed for well over an hour taking photos and enjoying the park-like setting. I may not be a fan of tobacco but I understand what is was and is to the state that I call home these days. What has been done to this complex is amazing. There’s so much to see – Come on–take a walk with me.American Tobacco Historic District SignAmerican Tobacco Historic District - Old TractorTower and stack both say Lucky StrikeThere were folks enjoying the park-like setting and enjoying dinner in one of the many restaurants in the district. The children loved the water feature that flows through the center of the area and it is a great place for photos. I loved the stepping stones across the water.


I hope that you enjoyed the mini-tour through the American Tobacco Historic District. I will definitely go back again when I have some time to poke around more. Besides the historic value of this place – there are just so many things that made me smile.  If ever in the area, be sure to check it out. If you have visited this place, be sure to leave a comment to tell me what I missed so I can be sure to see it when I go back.

Full Flower Moon – 2015

I made it to Bogue Inlet Pier about 7:30 pm last night. Unlike the night before, I had plenty of time to get down to the beach and set up the camera before the moonrise at 8:34 pm. Yes, the full moon was the night before but one day doesn’t make a lot of difference. It was a beautiful evening. I climbed down the stairs to the beach and kicked off my Birkenstock’s and left them near the stairs. I walked down the beach to get a good view of the pier. I had checked TPE, a photographer’s app that I have on my phone, to see where the moon would be rising. Then I waited and watched. Sure enough, the moon rose very close to where the app said it would. The photo below, shows the moon (the orange glow to the left at the horizon) just as it started to rise.Full Moon at the horizon at Bogue Inlet PierAs it rose higher, I kept snapping photos with different exposure times. I am new to night photography so I wasn’t sure what would work. I took a LOT of photos and most were ok but I was happiest with the four that I am showing on this post.

The full moon in May is called the Full Flower Moon. May’s Full Flower Moon, also called Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon, marks a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom. Source – Old Farmers Almanac Below you will see some of the other photos of the moon rising.Full Moon Rising behind the dockFull Moon Coming Over the railingFull Moon over Bogue Inlet PierI have to say that it was a magical evening. Just watching the moon rise was special but being able to photograph it made it more special. A little after 9:30, I gathered up my gear and head back to the stairway to go up on the dock where Mr. B was waiting for me. I went to grab my Birkenstock’s and  they were GONE!! Can you believe it?! Someone stole my shoes. *sigh* Even that couldn’t ruin my evening though. My photos may not be perfect but I love them. What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment to let me know which one you like the best.

Full Moon Rising

I realized that there was a full moon tonight after we had dinner. It was after 7 but I checked to see where the moon would be rising and it appeared that it would be over the pier. The only problem was that it was supposed to rise at 7:37 PM. Remember, I said it was already after 7. I couldn’t resist though so I quickly put some settings in the camera, set it on the tripod, jumped in the car and headed for Emerald Isle. When I arrived at the bridge it was 7:44 and the moon was already quite high so I decided to improvise. I knew I had missed the opportunity of getting it rising over the pier so I did a u-turn at the end of the bridge and pulled off the road so that I could walk down near the water.

It was a beautiful evening and the sun was setting as the moon was rising. My photo would have looked better over the pier but you gotta do what you gotta do. I decided that a photo over the trailer park was better than no photo. *grin* It is a picturesque trailer park with a pier and a sea wall on the sound side of the bridge. I still think it is pretty. What do you think?

Click on photo to enlarge.
Moon rising over Emerald Isle, North Carolina