Busy Birds

The busy birds seemed to be in constant motion. The weather here has been cold and today they are calling for rain or snow here in North Carolina, depending on the part of the state. Thanks goodness that doesn’t mean snow like they are getting in Boston or Downeast Maine. For us, here on the coast, it will probably be only rain. For the rest of the state – who knows? You know what they say. It depends on the track of the storm. :-)

The busy birds made me think that they knew something that the weathermen didn’t know. They came in droves and we even got something other than the gazillion goldfinches that have been coming to the feeder. I thought I would share some of the photos that I took of them. Busy Birds in the treeGoldfinchesBlue Jay on the groundCardinal on the feederNot really sure what this bird isPine Siskin

I did not throw that seed on the ground. The birds did it as they were feeding. Luckily, they were eating it on the ground too. I watched birds all morning and the first part of the afternoon. They just kept coming. Then, as I was talking to my brother on the phone, a red-shouldered hawk took a bird down right to the ground. I was on the phone and Mr. B tried to get a photo of it but he really doesn’t know how to use the camera and his photos were blurred. The hawk left and I never saw it come back, but from that time on there were very few birds at the feeders. I did see a few but not nearly as many as we had been seeing previously. How did they know not to come back? It is a great mystery. Hopefully, they will return tomorrow and Mr. Hawk will have gone on to other hunting grounds.

Flash of blue…

I was walking through the house this morning when I noticed a flash of blue outside. As I watched, there were five bluebirds diving at each other. They would land in the tree or on the shepherd hook and then the next thing you know, another would come along and dive it. Perhaps some of them were the youngsters from last year. I watched them for a while and then decided that I wanted to take some photos.  About that time, they decided they were done playing (or whatever they were doing) and four of them left in a flash of blue while one stayed to check out the bluebird house. He sat on the top checking out the view and then looked inside. I think it was the dad house shopping for his bride. *grin*   Spring is on the way.Flash of blueBluebird on shepherd hookBluebird in the treeChecking out the house

Apple Pie Bubble Up

Apple Pie Bubble Up – hmmmm!!  It has been a long time since I posted a recipe so I think it is time to post one. I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I am not a big fan taking a long time to cook and bake these days.  I did that when the kids were young but now that there are only the two of us, I just want to make things that are easy and taste good.

Last fall, I was looking for an easy dessert recipe to make because we were expecting company. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest. One of the first recipes that I found that day (you never know what you may find on the home page) was a recipe for Apple Pie Bubble Up. I have made other bubble up recipes and know that they are easy to do so I followed the pin to the site, Plain Chicken.  I have been following this site for years but somehow had missed the recipe when she posted it.  I knew that if she said it was good, I was going to give it a try.  This recipe did not disappoint. When I made it, I was unsure of the butterscotch chips but they were really good. Of course, if you don’t like butterscotch, just leave them out.  Serve warm with ice cream. Yummy!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Pinterest?!Mix it up.

Apple Pie Bubble Up

Apple Pie Bubble-up
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy to make apple pie-like recipe.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: Serves 8
  • 1 (12-oz) can refrigerated Pillsbury Grands Jr biscuits (10 count)
  • 1 (21-oz) can apple pie filling
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 cup butterscotch chips
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • 1 Tbsp milk
  • *I added about ¾ c of walnuts to mine but they are optional.
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray a 9x13-inch pan with cooking spray.
  2. In a large bowl combine apple pie filling, cinnamon and butterscotch chips. Using a spatula, chop up apple slices into bite-sized pieces. Cut biscuits into 4 pieces. Stir into apple mixture.
  3. Pour into prepared pan and bake 25-30 minutes. Combine powdered sugar and milk. Drizzle over baked casserole.
  4. Enjoy!