Newcastle – South Portland, Maine

Newcastle – South Portland, Maine – another segment of my Maine photos from last my June vacation.  I know that some of these photos will have been seen by folks on Facebook but not everyone is on FB so sorry if you have seen some. While waiting for the granddaughter’s graduation, I had a chance to do some “local” traveling. When I lived in Maine, it was rare for us to come south unless we were traveling through on our way to somewhere else. The Portland area was rarely a “destination”.  This time with time on my hands, I spent some time checking out the lighthouses and some of the local sites.

I also had some time to check Mr. B’s parents gravesite in the Jefferson area. We had been unable to pay a visit in a couple of years and I wanted to stop by and pay my respects. Highland Cemetary is a beautiful cemetery on a hillside that overlooks Clary Lake.

From there, I headed back toward Route 1 and Georgetown, which would be my next stop.  I passed a bunch of folks out in their old cars ready to come out of a side road. I hurried up the road and stopped along the side, jumped out of the car and grabbed my camera. I got a photo of quite a few of them as they passed me by, many of them waving to me. Here they come!Old Car Rally

A short time after leaving the spot where I photographed the cars, I arrived at this corner. Seriously, it is called “Cowshit Corner” in Newcastle, Maine. I have to say – they have really come up in the world since I was last there. Just check out this fancy sign.Cowshed Corner, Newcastle, Maine sighI finally arrived in Georgetown and grabbed just a couple of photos when daughter called me to invite me to dinner and to meet her new guy. The only photos that I got in Georgetown are next. A cove with boats – big surprise, huh!Georgetown, Maine CoveI then saw this old garage. I don’t think it can be considered an abandoned building because it appears that it is still used. Still, it is quite unusual. Did you see that “Deer Crossing” sign in the middle. By the looks of those antlers hanging, I don’t think many deer cross here twice. :-) Deer Crossing ShedI had a very enjoyable dinner with daughter and her new guy. It was so nice to finally meet him and to see her again. Unfortunately, photos that I took of them were not all that clear. After dinner, I headed down the road back to Portland. It was a beautiful evening so I put “Bug Light” into my GPS and off I went. Don’t know if I mentioned this ever, but I LOVE the GPS technology. I drove all over Maine with help from the little lady that directs me. *grin* This night, I came away from  Bug Light after dark and made it back to my hotel room with absolutely no problem.  As a general rule, I try not to even drive at night anymore but there I was, driving though one of Maine’s largest cities, all alone – and I didn’t get lost. Oh yeah, I love my GPS.

So, Bug Light is the neatest little lighthouse.  From the South Portland website:

Bug Light Park, the eastern terminus of the Greenbelt Walkway, offers expansive views of Portland Harbor and the skyline of Maine’s  largest city. The nearly 9 acre park was the site of major shipbuilding activity during WWII. An estimated 30,000 people were employed here from 1941-1945 building liberty ships for the New England Shipbuilding Corp. and the South Portland Shipbuilding Corp. Although far less bustling  today, Bug Light Park is a popular destination for picnicking, boating and kite flying. A busy boat launching area (seasonal fees required) and a  liberty ship memorial are at opposite ends of the park. In between is a  paved walkway along the shore and out to Bug Light itself.

Portland Breakwater Lighthouse was built in 1875 and is one of Maine’s most elegant lighthouses. Though modeled on an ancient Greek monument, it was built with plates of cast iron. It was dubbed “Bug Light” due to its small size.

I will end this post with the sun setting over Portland, Maine as the lights were coming on. This was taken standing next to Bug Light. The sky was spectacular. A perfect ending to a very nice day.Portland, Maine skyline at dusk from Bug Light.


Bear Hunt…

Yesterday, I went on a bear hunt! Don’t worry – I was hunting with my camera and not a gun. I got up at 4:30 AM and headed for the Pungo Lake area where there is a pretty high population of black bears. Folks drive around the area to catch a glimpse of them as they travel from area to area. I was hoping for more than a quick glimpse.  I REALLY was hoping to get some good bear photos.

I left the house at 5:30 and arrived just before 8AM. Probably I needed to be there at dawn but if I am ever to do that, I would need to stay in the area the night before. I drove and I drove and I drove some more and saw NOTHING!! Oh there were egrets and herons but I frequently see those close to home.  I drove all the way to Roper and saw some beautiful farm land but no wildlife. So back to the Pungo Lake area I went. By now, it was around 1PM and I was feeling pretty discouraged. As I drove along a woods road, this heron flew into a tree so I snapped his photo. Turned out to be one of the better photos of the day-not good, just better. :-) Great Blue HeronI pulled over to talk with a friend for a few minutes and decided to go up the road a bit from where she was sitting. I needed to get out of the car and stretch my legs and didn’t want to disturb anything that might come out near her.  I drove up the road and got out of the car. I took  some butterfly photos and some of the nearby weeds but still no bears. As I walked up the road, I finally saw some wildlife. These three deer were WAY far off but I thought I would take the photo anyway.DeerFrom there, I drove to a cross road where I could see in a couple of directions and sat for a while.  Here I got a dragonfly and a weed that I thought was pretty.Pretty WeedDragonflyI was ready to give up but thought I would do one more drive through the area. It was just too darned hot to spend much time out of the car. As I got to the very end of the road and started to turn around I FINALLY saw a bear. Actually, there were two of them. They were far away but at least I got a photo of them.Two BearsI watched for a while but nothing else appeared so I started making my way back down the road toward the highway to come home. On the way out, I decided that since no one was around, I would answer the call of nature. I just got back into the car and looked in my rear view mirror and saw this guy (or gal)  lumbering down the road behind me.Bear…and that ended my day of bear hunting. I didn’t see as much as I had hoped and what I did see was far away but I wasn’t skunked. Hope that you enjoyed the bear hunt even though the photos did not turn out like I had hoped. Maybe next time.

Danny’s Hot Dog Stand…

Danny’s Hot Dog Stand is a Brunswick, Maine institution. It’s a food trailer and was serving hot dogs on the Brunswick mall LONG before food trucks and trailers became fashionable. For those that think of a mall as a place with stores, you  would be surprised to find that the mall where Danny’s does business is actually a pretty park in the middle of town. Why it is called a mall is a mystery to me. If someone knows, please comment and enlighten me.

Danny’s is a colorful trailer, as you can see below. I could not find any info on when it actually opened and Mr. B, who was brought up in Brunswick just remembered that they had been there for a long time.  I turned to Danny’s Facebook page and asked. It appears that Danny worked for others during the 70’s and early 80’s before opening his own place in the 80’s. Timeline may be off a bit but you can see that Danny’s had been around for a very long time. These days the business in not run by Danny but it is still in the family and run by his sons.Danny's Hot Dog Stand

We LOVE their steamed hot dogs and I am not sure why anyone would have a hamburger when those delicious hot dogs are available, but to each his own. :-) I love hot dogs with sauerkraut, brown mustard and a dash of celery salt. Yep, I did say celery salt. It add pizazz to an already good steamed hot dog. Mr. B is more traditional and likes his with mustard and relish.

Well, what more can I say? If you are ever in Brunswick, Maine, stop by Danny’s and try a steamed hot dog. You will be glad that you did. Oh yeah, there is often a line about half-way down the block. Don’t let that scare you off. The friendly folks behind the counter move right along and before you know it, you will be biting into that delicious hot dog.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I really LOVE Danny’s hot dogs.