Nina and Pinta return…

Nina and Pinta returned to Morehead City yesterday. I had hoped to get photos of them as they went through Swansboro but that was not to be. I fired up on the computer and I followed them all day on Sunday as they traveled up the Intracoastal. They traveled at 6 to 7 knots so the going was slow. They stopped at about 7PM near Topsail Beach and I assumed they were stopped for the night. I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning, I found that they had stopped for a while and then pushed on through the night and they were about halfway between Cedar Point and Morehead City. So much for taking photos of them going past Swansboro! *sigh*

So what happened next? Mr. B & I quickly got dressed and dumped our coffee in a to-go cups, jumped in the truck and headed for Morehead City. We pulled behind the visitors center in Morehead City and before long, they they were!

Pinta Arriving in Morehead CityWe took photos as they passed and then they we headed down to the waterfront walkway. We knew that they were heading for Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant on the waterfront. Thinking that the beginning of the walkway would be best and closest to get photos, we waited. They they went around the little island and didn’t come in front of us like we expected. *sigh* You would think they could have cooperated more after I had been watching them for over a day. *grin*Going around the islandThey went toward the port and then decided to go back around the island with the Pinta in the lead. Then, the unthinkable happened. The captain turned the boat to come down the waterfront as we had hoped they would to start with and BOOM! – they were stuck on a sandbar. :-) The chase boat tried to push them off to no avail. Luckily the tide was rising and they only had to wait for a couple of hours (maybe a bit less) and they were free. At that point, they decided to head back behind the island. The port in the backgroundThey finally both docked behind the restaurant and I am sure that all aboard the Pinta breathed a sigh of relief. :-)
At the dockAnd one more thing!! Did you know that we had an encounter on the water with the Nina and the Pinta. In 2010, as we were traveling across the state of Florida on the Okeechobee Waterway on Misty Moose when the the Nina and Pinta passed us on the way to the Clewiston lock. They then got the the lock before us and took the lower side of the lock. Then we had to take the high side of the lock. Did I mention that we were new to our boat AND it was windy – very windy!! After some heart-stopping moments, we finally were able to grab on to the bollards and secure out boat to go through the lock. We got to lock through with them and of course we have told the story often. Both of the photos below are from 2010.Nina & Pinta in Clewiston lockWe got to leave the lock first and there were a lot of folks waving. Nice of them to come and see us travel through the locks, wasn’t it? *grin* Ah yeah, funny how when I look back on these things, I look fondly. At the time, I was ready to dock the boat and never get in it again. :-)Nina Passing us on the waterway

Smallest Church In America…

In the realm of our trip, the “Smallest Church In America” was almost at the end.  We stopped here on our way home from Florida but I thought it would be apropos to do this post on Easter Sunday.

This is Christ’s Chapel in Memory Park, located out in the boonies of  South Newport, GA.  The sign out front states that the church was built in 1949 by Mrs. Anges Harper and deeded to Jesus Christ. The 10′ x 15′ chapel holds twelve people plus the minister. Adding to the character of this little building are stained glass windows that were  imported from England. Local ministers still lead non-denominational worship services on the third Sunday of each month.

The church is open 24/7 and as it is located on the Georgia Coast Scenic Byway. If you are ever in the are, be sure to stop. I am not sure that it is really the smallest church in America but I’m pretty sure that it is one of them. Happy Easter.

Smallest Church In America

Memory Park Christ's ChapelWalking through the doorStained Glass Windows

ST Marys, GA

When we traveled to Florida earlier this year, we stopped for a night in a Kingsland, GA hotel just off of I-95.  At the suggestion of the clerk, we decided to go to ST Marys Seafood for dinner, which wasn’t very far from the hotel. I didn’t take any photos of the restaurant but I will tell you that if you are ever in the area, don’t be put off by the building. Just go in and have something to eat. It isn’t fancy but the food was delish!!

I had always heard about ST Marys but we had never been there. We only had a short time that evening because as mentioned in my Georgetown, SC post, they were predicting possible icy conditions the next day all the way to Georgia. Our plan to take our time and sightsee along the way went by the wayside. We left NC to escape the bad weather so we decided to just stay one night and move on.  We only had a short time to do some sightseeing that evening and of course, we headed to the waterfront and what to my wondering eyes should appear??… why a shrimp boat, of course. :-) Anyone that follows this blog know that I can’t resist taking photos of shrimp boats. I love that this one had those old buildings next to it. Shrimp boat - St Marys WaterfrontThe only other place that we got to see that evening was the Howard Gilman Memorial Park, also called ST Marys Park,  that is also located on the waterfront. It is beautiful with a large fountain at the entrance, palm trees, and even a pier to watch the boats come in. Fountain in ST Marys ParkBenches on the waterfrontVisit ST Marys website shows so much more to see!!, I said this about Georgetown and I now am going to say it about ST Marys – we have to go back again!