Here a duck – there a duck…

I finally made it through all my photos from Lake Mattamuskeet. There were quite a few ducks around but there seemed to be more Northern Pintails and Northern Shovelers than any of the others (others than the American Coots, that is). These two are definitely two of the prettiest ducks that I saw that day.

Northern Shovelers are  “perhaps the most outwardly distinctive of the dabbling ducks, the Northern Shoveler inhabits wetlands across much of North America. Its elongated, spoon-shaped bill has comblike projections along its edges, which filter out food from the water”. source:

Northern Pintails are “slim and long-necked, the Northern Pintail has a distinctive silhouette. The male is easy to identify by his striking markings and long tail, but even the female can be recognized by her graceful, long-necked shape”. source: Male Northern ShovelerMale and Female Northern Shovelers Flying Northern ShovelersNorthern Pintails - Male and Female Flying Northern Pintails

Deer?? Where??

There’s deer here?? Where?? If you follow this blog, you know that Mr. B and I were at Mattamuskeet last weekend to see what we could see for migrating birds.  We drove in from Route 94 and started down the causeway. There was quite a bit of traffic around and most of the folks on the road were looking to the right to the larger expanse of water. The left side is a canal with weeds growing near the side of the road. The other side is pretty much mowed to the lake. As folks travel on the road, they stop and pull over as something catches their eye. This day there were a lot of American Coots and Canadian Geese near the road and other ducks and geese could be seen out further. We, like everyone else, made our way slowly down the road.

As we traveled, we started to see deer on the opposite bank on the canal side. I guess because folks came to look for birds, most did not see the deer. We would drive along until I could find a space that was somewhat cleared so that I could take photos of the deer and people would drive right on by and never see them. Then all of a sudden they realized that I was taking a photo of something and they would jam on the brakes, back up and jump out of the car with the camera in hand. It was pretty funny to watch. The moral of this post is to remember to look around. You never know what you may see.

Here are a couple of photos of the deer that I took. They are not the best shots but they show some of the deer that we saw.Deer Here - See MeFour Deer2 Buck Deer


Old Rusty GMC Fire Truck

While traveling back and forth between Pungo and Mattamuskeet Lakes last weekend, we came upon this rusty old GMC fire truck sitting in a wood yard by the side of the road. I have no idea how old it is, but abandoned vehicles like abandoned buildings catch my eye and as you can see, this fire truck was no exception.

Sydney Volunteer Fire Department is based in Belhaven, North Carolina.

Rusty GMC Fire Truck Sydney Volunteer Fire Department Old Fire Truck#firetruck #northcarolina #sydneyfiredepartment #belhaven